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We have been in the print design industry for 18 years (our print prices are great), Internet development for 14 years and brand development for 8 years. The experience we have comes from working with a wide variety of industries including print, design production, advertising, travel, architecture, design, entertainment, sporting goods, religion, retail and manufacturing to name a few. We take everything we have learned and will make suggestions that you may not know even exists to help you grow your business. All of our suggestions will come wih an explanation of what it will do and why it will work - this comes from experience.

One Touch Design works with a varying level of projects from Complete Branding and Identity, to business card printing. We treat all of our clients as family so we go the extra mile to make sure things go right.

Graphic design is a form of communicating visually using text and/or images to promote a message or present information. The art of graphic design embraces a range of cognitive skills and crafts including typography, image development and page layout.

Branding: "How to communicate who your business is, what it does and why anyone should remember it." (Quote from Mel Epstein's book "Brandicapped?"). Branding not only sells the products and services — it sells the very business itself.

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